Current Nickel and Stainless Price Charts

Where to find Pricing Charts / or info for your own

One of the most common requests we get is where to find price charts, to be used in sales or purchasing presentations. On this page, we link to some of the best we know of, and supply the numbers for you in Excel format, if you want to make your own. 
Nickel Stainless Steel
Kitco supplies 24 hour, 30 day, 60 day, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 year charts. You can find them on this page here
And a one year nickel inventory chart by Investment Tools here
Stainless Processing publishes a stainless steel surcharge chart that goes back for 3 years in pdf format here
DollarDaze is a blog run by an individual that periodically publishes very nice charts showing the price of nickel in correlation to inventory stocks here. His most recent ones go back to January 2006. Damstahl publishes some excellent charts in their monthly "Stainless Steel Report" - European market - here (in Excel format)
Bibus Metals publishes two - a two month and 12 month and is one of the few that don't have their name written all over it. here (you can download them in pdf form at the pdf icon) Molybdenum

Special Metals publishes a moly oxide chart going back 4 years in pdf here

M Vincent & Associates publishes one that covers the current year here
Special Metals publishes on in pdf that covers one year here 

Special Metals publishes a ferrochrome chart going back 4 years in pdf here

Make Your Own - excel spread sheet lists average monthly cost of nickel, molybdenum, chrome, and iron from January 2005 to present (let us know if not updated) Cut and paste what you want into your Excel spreadsheet and make any type of chart you want. Download excel sheet here

If you know where an updated chart is posted reguarly, please let us know. We are always looking for good pricing charts for nickel, stainless steel, ferrochrome, and iron ore. Contact us

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