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Daily Nickel Market News & Stainless Steel Prices

Nickel Prices and Stainless Steel Bolts

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Wednesday, April 26

  Daily Nickel/Stainless Steel Briefing (8:00 AM CST is 1PM in London)
  • Three month nickel closed Tuesday's trading session at $4.23/lb . Indicators at 6:10 am CST today show 3 month nickel trading unchanged. Stockpiles of nickel stored in LME approved warehouses fell on Tuesday and now total just over the 379,300 tonne level. Nickel gained slightly yesterday but struggling again today. Considering world markets have bounced since the French election and news on the Trump tax cut, nickel's struggles should be concerning to miners and investors. Stainless steel producers, on the other hand, are looking at lower costs, although some have apparently figured out a way to keep profits manageable. Fuel surcharge increase? It's another slow Wednesday news day. Next week could be a little more interesting with the Lopez confirmation hearings rescheduled to May 3rd in the Philippines.
  • Average price of cash nickel so far this month - $4.42/lb
  • Average price of LME traded nickel in 2016 - $4.36/lb / 2015 - $5.37/lb / 2014 - $7.65/lb / 2013 - $6.80/lb /
  • (USGS) Metal Prices in the United States Through 2010 - pdf here
  • Baltic Dry Index - (current) (chart)
  • Dollar trading graph - (chart of dollar index)
  • Reuters metals morning - London copper trades little changed as dollar drops - more


  • U.S. Imports of Stainless Steel Mill Products - more
  • Reuters Daily Inside Metals - pdf here
  • KBC Commodity Report - here
  • Angel Metals Fundamental Report - here

  Commodity/Economic Comments

  • China Stainless Steel Scrap Market News / Price - more
  • Yieh Daily Asian Stainless Steel News - more
  • Gerdau Steel Market Update - more
  • European Debt Crisis Live - more
  • Alloyed for Lasting Value video - here
  • Self Repairing for Lasting Value video - here
  • ENSO neutral, but tropical Pacific waters continue to warm - more
  • Risk Rally Falters as Focus Moves to U.S. Tax Plan: Markets Wrap - more

     Press Release - For the month of May 2017, North American Stainless will increase the fuel surcharge to 20% for stainless flat and long products. - more

     Western Areas hopes for stellar year - Nickel miner Western Areas is tracking at the upper end of its full-year guidance following a strong March quarter, with the miner also reporting its lowest unit cash costs since June 2015. - more

     Munali Nickel mine to re-open - The Munali Nickel Mine in Mazabuka, Southern province, is due to reopen this year. - more

     Antofagsta Reports Production Decline While Costs Creep Up - (excerpt) Molybdenum production performed better, up 29% year-on-year at 2,200 tonnes, also up 10% from the last quarter of 2016. - more

     US Preliminary Steel Imports Surged 25% in March - Year-to-date total and finished steel imports are 8,932,566 and 6,927,093 net tons (NT), up 18.7% and 7.8% respectively, vs. the same period in 2016. - more

     Clive Mensink’s claims on overseas trip contradict meeting plans - Clive Mensink was setting up a business meeting in Brisbane for the same week he flew out on a marathon overseas holiday which he now claims was a longstanding arrangement. - more

     Two Latinos Win Prestigious Prize as ‘Grassroots Environmental Heroes’ - Two Latinos, one from East Los Angeles, California and one from Guatemala are the recipients of a prestigious prize honoring "grassroots environmental heroes." - more

     The Surprising Role of Stainless Steel Behind Milwaukee’s Brewery Boom - These two local businesses are playing a big part in, and benefiting from, Milwaukee’s return to the moniker of Brew City. - more

  Morning Nickel Price Statistics & Figures

  • Today's almost official prices here  /  Yesterday's actual LME official prices here or here
  • Shanghai Jinchuan nickel price - available here or here (updated)
  • India MCX Nickel Price - more  more
  • 100 Years of Stainless Steel Video - online here
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