Stainless Steel Literature
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The Corrosion Resistant Steel

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Stainless Steel Selection Guide
Courtesy CSI

The Nickel Institute

Australian Stainless Steel Development Association

Indian Stainless Steel Development Association

Euro Inox

International Molybdenum Association

Stainless Steel Technical Information for Engineers

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International Stainless Steel Forum

International Molybdenum Association

International Chromium Development Association

International Manganese Institute

Other Sites

Swiss Inox
British Stainless Steel Association
Cedinox (Spain)
Centro Inox (Italy)
Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo del Acero Inoxydable, A.C. (Mexico)
Euro Inox
Informationstelle Edelstahl Rostfrei (Germany)
Institut de Development de L'Inox
Japan Stainless Steel Association
Korea Iron & Steel Association
Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Federation
New Zealand Stainless Steel Development Association
Nucleo Inox (Brazil)
Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association
Speciality Steel Industry of North America
Stainless Steel Council of China Specialist Steel Enterprises Association
Swedish Steel Producers' Association
Swiss Inox - (Switzerland)
Taiwan Steel and Iron Industries Association
Thailand Stainless Steel Development Association / Today's Stainless Steel News